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Dear Westview Students and Parents:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and explain my goals and vision for Westview High School. For the past eighteen years, I have devoted my career to the Tolleson Union High School District, both as a teacher and administrator, and I think I can provide unique insight and a singular vision for helping Westview High School reach its potential as a leader in public education in the West Valley.

The cornerstone for success at any school is community: the community within the school, and the community that is served by the school. My family and I lived in Garden Lakes for the last eighteen years, and I know that strengthening our school depends on the idea of community, and that the community’s strength depends on the quality of education our public institutions provide. By strengthening the concept of community, we strengthen the very idea that education is vital to society at large, and that students will be able to contribute more to the community with a first-class education. During my time as a Marine Lieutenant Colonel in Ramadi, Iraq, I saw first-hand how developing strong community relations among the local tribes men increased cooperation and trust in restoring peace in the local area.

But how do we create a strong educational community? As principal, my primary priority is to meet the academic needs of all my students. I want to create a campus culture of inclusivity, where all who visit the campus feel welcome. Working collaboratively with my leadership team, teachers, staff, and community members, I would establish reasonable and measurable academic goals which are data driven and based on the current research. By providing the best education, one which meets the needs of all children and prepares them for college and careers in our global economy, we serve the community. Of course, a safe and secure learning environment is essential to the culture of community and inclusivity. To strengthen the vision of a true educational community, I would harness the power of neighbors by inviting businesses and citizens and leaders, as stake-holders in the future, to visit different school functions and to get involved with volunteering to support school organizations. I envision establishing parent academies to provide parents with the knowledge and skills to best assist their children academically.

My education and experience make me well-qualified to lead WHS. I started teaching at TUHS 18 years ago, where I also coached varsity soccer. During this time, I earned a doctorate in educational administration from Arizona State University, while continuing to serve as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. I went on to serve as assistant principal of discipline at Copper Canyon High School for two years, and I then moved to Sierra Linda High School, where I have been serving as the assistant principal of curriculum of instruction for three years and athletic director for four years. 

During my career in public education, I deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (my first deployment was in the Gulf War, prior to my educational career). I retired from the Marine Corps Reserve in July of 2016 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. I am delighted and grateful for this opportunity to further serve the community I call home, and I am committed to the vision that a stronger Westview HS will lead to a brighter future for all students.


Dr. John S. Renouard

Dr. John S. Renouard
Westview High School